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Aid for animals and people


Claudine visited Geneva in June 2015, but fell ill with Dengue Fever one day after her arrival. Susanne Hirschel maintained the program as good as possible alone. Presently Claudine has recovered from her illness and returned in good health to Kinshasa. 

The conference had the title: "Bonobo - a Fascinating Species in Danger" and was held at the following venues:

Mo 8 JUIN à 20h15 : 

Club 44, Centre de conférences et de débats  La Chaux-de-Fonds 

Tu 9 JUIN à 20H00

Société Zoologique de GenèveMusée d’Histoire naturelle Genève, 

We 10 JUIN à 18H00

American International Womans Club, Genève, 

Th 11 JUIN à 18H30: 

CERN,  Meyrin, 

Ve 12 JUIN à 18H45:

Cinema Cinelux , Genève 

Lu 15 JUIN à 20H00:

Librairie du BaobabAvenue de la Gare 42, Martigny, 

Ma 16 JUIN à 20H30:

Cercle des Sciences naturelles Nyon-La Côte Gland

Me 17 JUIN à 17H15:

Centre horticole de Lullier, Jussy 

We collected 14'500 CHF and thanks to the Gelbert Foundation, who covered all costs, we could send the total amount to Lola ya Bonobo.



In May 2014 Terre pour Tous  invited Claudine André to a conference tour in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Four conferences and five school visits were on the program.  Our objectives were to raise awareness of the danger of bonobo extinction, the work and projects of Claudine André in the RDC and to find funds and long term sponsors.

We thank the directors of the Natural History Museums Jacques Ayer (Geneva), Christophe Dufour (Neuchatel), and André Fasel (Fribourg) and Harsha Singh of the International Environment House for hosting us. We met an enthusiastic public (almost 500 spectators in total). We stressed the aspect of the integrated aid that Claudine's projects provide, help for animals and people, which meets the philosophy of Terre pour Tous.


The press spoke about the event in five articles and Claudine had two radio and two television interviews.


While in Neuchâtel we seized the occasion to meet old friends: the research group around Prof. Klaus Zuberbühler, a renowned primatologist. His collaborators work on bonobo projects at Lola ya bonobo.

 In Geneva we visited four private schools and one public school. More than 700 children in total listened to Claudine's talks about her life and experience with bonobos.  We showed extracts of Alain Tixiers film "Bonobo" and enjoyed the children’s receptiveness and interest for the cause of the bonobos. They usually were very excited about rescuing the bonobos and showed their enthusiasm vividly.

One girl even organised a cookies' sale in favour of the bonobo project afterwards.

The welcome of the German school was particularly friendly. They had prepared a specially painted box for the donations and had asked parents beforehand to donate to our cause.

The International School of Geneva plans to submit the bonobo project for election of their annual school aid project and to organize a drawing competition to illustrate the adventures of Beni the bonobo orphan of the film.

Visiting schools meets our educative goals and the interaction with the children is very rewarding.

 One of the highlights of our tour was the lunch with Princess Aga Khan, a very committed animal defender herself, who seemed to be impressed by Claudine André's achievements.

All in all, the Swiss event was a very positive experience, although we had hoped for a bigger financial reward. So far the yield in donations is about 6000 CHF.


We thank all collaborators who helped organizing this event.

Dr Susanne Hirschel

Director Terre pour Tous